Richmond Society for Community Living

Moving to Join the RSCL Team

Meet Christie Totten, a Supported Living Manager who oversees three residences that are home to adults who have a developmental disability.

Christie began her career in the community living sector with a summer job during university. She was an extra pair of hands in a community home where she planned recreational activities like outings, parties, and events. She enjoyed the work and returned every summer until she graduated with her Bachelor of Laboratory Sciences from the University of British Columbia.

While Christie enjoyed her studies, her summer job made her realize she did not want to pursue a career that field. She loved being with people, so she followed her passion by joining the Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living. Christie started in a casual relief capacity but quickly moved into a permanent role and worked in many programs in the organization including supported living, independent living, and supported employment over the next 16 years.

During this time Christie met and married her husband and together they welcomed a daughter to their family. Living in a small community has many advantages but Christie was ready for a change both personally and professionally. She knew that if she wanted to grow her career, the biggest change was going to be where she lived. She did a lot of research and interviewed with multiple organizations in Metro Vancouver. RSCL stood out as having a great reputation for career development and effective management. She also liked that RSCL services are geographically focused.

Christie received multiple job offers and chose RSCL, joining the organization in July 2019. More than two years later, Christie is confident she made the right decision. She has benefited from extensive professional development provided by RSCL. One of her “AHA” moments was during leadership training when the facilitator pointed out that most managers are promoted because they are good at their job, not because they are good managers. Christie knows that she is good at her job and is grateful to receive quality training to improve her managerial skills as she continues to develop her career.

Most recently, she is grateful for the support and professionalism the Health & Safety team, senior leadership, and the entire organization has demonstrated throughout the very difficult circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christie looks forward to the opportunity to share her knowledge and mentor other managers and emergent leaders. Her positive attitude, open mind and obvious passion make her an excellent candidate to guide others at RSCL.

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